Harnessing AI in Everyday Life: 2024 Guide

Jeremiah Moore
2 min readFeb 6, 2024
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raw image generated by Google ImageFX

Despite the widespread availability of AI technologies, it’s surprising how many people have yet to integrate them into their daily routines. As we step into 2024, embracing AI can revolutionize how we live, work, and play. There are many tools dedicated to more than just research. Here’s how to make AI a seamless part of your everyday life.

Note: Although these technologies are amazing and groundbreaking, please be careful with your personal information. The links to these platforms may ask you for personal info such as email or phone number. That is on the creators’ to obtain responsibility for what they do with your info. I am not compensated in any way for recommending these links.

1. Research and Productivity

ChatGPT is a great place to start, but if you want to try other models there are others to choose from. Google Gemini has a realtime knowledge update, meaning it is up to the current date with information. At the time of writing, you can still access Google’s Bard and Google TextFX, with plans to fall under the Gemini brand soon. Perplexity AI is a search engine on steroids and seems to be the future of how we search the internet, well worth checking out. Or check FlowGPT, where you can try different LLMs for free from a singular UI after creating an account.

2. Personal Health

AI-powered apps like MyFitnessPal and Fitbit analyze your activity and dietary habits to offer personalized health and fitness advice. From monitoring your sleep patterns to providing workout recommendations, these tools can help you achieve your health goals. Personal wellness and relationship coaches, like WellnessAI and Sitka, Relationship Coach mobile app for iOS and Android are on the rise as Artificial Intelligence promises to be the most useful life-hacking tool ever.

3. Art and Images

There are many ways to generate AI graphics nowadays. They can be a useful design tool for a concept, or your digital art collection. Check out Midjourney.com, Dall-E 3, or Google’s ImageFX. They each have their own strengths and weaknesses. Personally, I like Dall-E 3 for logos and app icons, Midjourney for high definition scenery and detailed characters, and Google for experimenting with new concepts, due to the granular specificity and speed of iteration.


In 2024, integrating AI into our daily lives is almost a necessity for efficiency, learning, and personal growth. By leveraging AI in these key areas, you can streamline your routines, enhance your learning, and improve your quality of life. Embrace AI and unlock a world of possibilities.



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